Checked files list Drukuj

This page contains my idea for extending Total Commander's functionality which (I hope) will be implemented someday.

Current TC installation lacks of easy filtering possibilities. It is possible to choose different filters for any list view but to gain it user have to use few probably unknown commands. It can be usefull for simple tasks such as view of known files but it is not good for more complex processes.

The best way for filtering file lists would be using LiveFilter functionality. It this case resuls list should be filtered according to users input during the writing time. Basically this kind of solution could no differ from existing implementation.

The real power comes together with implementation of checked list box. As it can be seen here the biggest advantage is when user wants to use filtering for easy files selection for further purposes. Files list can be easily filtered according to user's needs and every item can be checked i.e. for later copy procedure. Once again: it can be extended a litle bit.

When user bowse a directory with a big resources count, checked element might disappear between other element. For better view it is needed to give an opportunity to see the difference between checked and uncheckd elements. The best way for showing that is to place already selected files at the top of the list and make them immune for next filters' masks. Simple mock-up for whole idea combined can be seen here.