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This page contains my idea for extending Total Commander's functionality which (I hope) will be implemented someday.

By default you can resize TC's columns to have proper display of them. Their content depend on few options like: dynamic files size or date format. Wouldn't it be nicer to have additional option for making everything dynamic?

What I mean is that (ex.) the date can be displayed in TC in the form of dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm (or similar) and it will not change even if the width of the column is smaller than this text. Considering different data representation formats you could have few other possibilities:

Tuesday 13 January 2009 14:00
Tue 13 January 2009 14:00
13 January 2009 14:00
13 Jan 2008 14:00
13/01/2008 14:00
13/01/08 14:00

BUT in current situation each one of them would be cut for smaller width.

Big step for improvement is to change it dynamically. If the column width is right then full format could be displayed. In the case of very limited space, only shortened version would appear.

The same feature should be implemented for other columns.

Because one picture means 1k words, please, take a look on this Flash movie.