Lister options redesign Print

This page contains my idea for extending Total Commander's functionality which (I hope) will be implemented someday.

After few years of using TC I can feel as advanced user and configure lister to behave how I want to. I just know where to look for specific option. The problem is that the new/basic users don't.

The first thing they are trying to do is looking for lister's options under Total Commander's main Configuration dialog, which is the normal way to be expected. When they cannot find what they want there, they sometimes accidentally find out that lister has additional settings window for itself.

I've found two ideas which can help newbies to not feel confused:

  1. integrate lister's options in main Configuration dialog (fake screenshot),
  2. redesign lister's configuration window to remove overload effect (fake screenshot).

PS. Please, keep in mind that buttons text fonts under on the "Font" tab are adapted to the current font.