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This page contains my idea for extending Total Commander's functionality which (I hope) will be implemented someday.

I've configured mouse hints content some time ago but it still lacks of easy way for showing them. It is currently possible to achieve needed details by hovering proper file by mouse cursor or cm_ShowHint command assignment.

The biggest disadvantage of second solution is that it steals mouse pointer. There is the possibility to see file's details from user columns too but the amount of data you can receive is limited to screen width.

The good idea would be to implement Quick view type dialogue embedded into file's opposite panel. This "Hint view" could display any type of information you want from mouse hints to be shown.

The information could be displayed in various ways but the best would be one of these:

  • Small - just focused file's information have to be shown,
  • Big - selected files information could be shown in the list (see: fake screenshot)
  • Extended - the amount of the data should be similar to the Big mode but optionally thumbnails or icons could be displayed too (see: fake screenshot)

Of course, there could be a lot of features provided by Hint view, depends of user feedback. Some of the proposals could contain dynamic files selection change, different export files types (txt / rtf / html) or some kind of layout templates.

I know that some part of the needed functionality can be provided by existing plugins but I think that build-in feature could be big plus for TC itself.