BBCeditor Print

Current version: 1.0.29 (Download)

Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework is required for this application to work!


  • Snippets feature - allows to quick insert favourite phrases on Ctrl+Space;
  • live preview - texts can be automatically shown as they will be seen in your web browser;
  • SpellChecker - keeps you safe from spelling errors;
  • tags wizards - insert your tables, lists and images easily;
  • advanced drag'n'drop handling - define how text files should be treated (i.e. CSV as tables);
  • shortcuts and menus - context menus and shortcuts allow you to format your code in more efficiently;
  • custom toolbar size - user's icons themes support;
  • custom buttons - define your own tags and create toolbar buttons for them;
  • preview schemes - Preview control uses styles.css file located in application's directory so you can change its content easily;
  • two parsing engines - choose whichever you want;
  • documents preview in Open file dialogue;
  • CSS style chooser;
  • Inline mode for easier editing;
  • More info


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Known issues

New style Open file dialogue (with preview) does not work properly with FileBox Extender application. Please, either add BBCeditor to exceptions or disable proper option in Settings.

To enable Undo / Redo feature open your config.ini file and add

line. You can also change default Undo size (20) by using
(where XX is number) variable.