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ComparerCmd is command line version of Comparer tool.

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This application prints out all files properties in console window.


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  • Comparer - for adding and configuring plugins
  • .NET 2.0 framework
  • WDX plugins

Version history

  • changed - WDX plugins are now handled using wdx_proxy.dll;

  • fixed - in some cases dates were shown incorrectly;
  • added - ft_string correction procedure;

  • fixed issue with 64bit Windows (special thanks to roentgen for help with this);
  • added "-d" parameter for debug mode (shows plugins with no content);

  • added "-a" commandline switch for automatic plugins dir scan;
  • changed parameters parser (arguments order is not strict);

  • fixed possible bug with output.html file placement;
  • added support for external header.html and footer.html files (if they are available ComparerCmd will put their content into HTML output file);

  • added "-h" switch for HTML output;
  • added "-c" switch for alternate config file;

  • fixed nasty bug which was crashing few plugins;



Unpack archive into Comparer's directory.

Viewing files

Type in console window:

comparercmd.exe %1
- where %1 is file's name to be loaded;
comparercmd.exe -a %1
- scans plugins directory automatically and shows %1 file's info;
comparercmd.exe -d -a %1
- same as above but shows additional info about empty plugins;
comparercmd.exe -h %1
- saves results in output.html file containing %1 file's details (together with output.css style sheet);
comparercmd.exe -c %C %1
- where %C is alternate config file name and %1 is file to be loaded;
comparercmd.exe -h -c %C %1
- same as above but generates output.html file with details (instead of printing results in console window);


Note: If header.html or footer.html files exist, their content will be imported into HTML output file. Please also remember that using %f (filename) and %p (file path) variables is possible inside those files.


Simply delete EXE file.